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ふたなり漫画 えちぷそ。2


1:情報のお代にデカパイでおちんちんをきもちよくしてあげたら顔中精液まみれになっちゃうパ◯ィちゃん 5枚
2:激しい戦闘でエッチなところが露わになったゼル◯ウスを見て欲情した主人公にチンポをぶち込まれちゃうクー◯ちゃん 6枚
3:エステで興味本位に男の子ボディにしたらパツパツのショーパンとチンポが擦れて勃起がおさまらなくなっちゃったイ◯ちゃん 6枚
4:パイズリひょっとこフェラでおちんちんから素子を回収しちゃうコ◯ィーさん 6枚
5:背面騎乗位でおしりの穴をガン見されながらおちんちんの上でぱちゅぱちゅ腰を振っちゃうマ◯イちゃん 8枚

・本作品はAI(Stable Diffusion)で生成したものをベースに加筆して仕上げています。

This is a collection of R-18 CGs of P◯O2 girls.
It consists of 5 to 8 pictures of the following 5 scenes.

1:Pat◯y gets covered in cum all over her face as she gives a big titty cock-tease in exchange for information. 5 pictures
2:Q◯na gets his dick poked by you in lust after a fierce battle. 6 pictures
3:◯o gets a boy’s body at a salon, and hers dick rubs against hers tight shorts, causing her to get an erection that she can’t stop. 6 pictures
4:Co◯ee collects elements from your cock with a titillating chick blowjob. 6 pictures
5:Ma◯oi wiggles her hips on a cock while being seen in a rear cowgirl position with her anus. 8 pictures

・Resolution: Vertical: 768 x 1024
・There is a difference only in the picture
・English translation is available (only the text part of the dialogues are translated from DeepL).
・This work is based on the one generated by AI (Stable Diffusion) and finished with additions.
・This work is a compilation of the works that were previously published on support sites, modified for the CG collection.